UPLIFTING WORKSPACES In the ever-evolving landscape of workspace design, ColoreD introduces the game-changing Uplift Table, a dynamic standing desk tailored for modern commercial environments. With an unwavering commitment to promoting movement and well-being, the Uplift Table revolutionises how we work. Seamless Movement, Enhanced Performance The Uplift Table’s brilliance lies in its simplicity. Seamlessly switch between […]

The PartyIN Preamble

The PartyIN Preamble Celebrating India’s Unity in Diversity… In the realm of interior design, an extraordinary piece of furniture emerges as a symbol of unity amidst diversity: the Preamble Bar Table. Crafted from a captivating blend of stones sourced from various corners of India, this masterpiece stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of […]


RAISE THE BAR While the pandemic continues to influence how we live, many choose to redefine entertainment within the comfort of their homes. Gone are the days when stemware and bar wares were hidden away in kitchen cupboards. ‘The Great Gatsby’ influence of entertaining at home calls for a signature home bar unit and is […]